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Our first present to Star trek fans is a scale card model of the NCC 1701 Enterprise, Kirk’s Enterprise from the Original Series, designed by Ron Caudillo and hosted by Jon Leslie on his LHVCC website. These have been designed as 6-8 modules that can be made individually or joined together to make a complete bridge set scaled to be used by Hako Clones. Don’t know what a Hako Clone is?


When people think of fan productions they think of entertainment, fan films, audio dramas, Machinima, that type of thing.  However entertainment is many things to different people. Some are only happy when they have something to do with their hands, something to make and do, something that exercises their own creative talents.  Plastic models spring to mind and certainly there is a strong fan following for the scale models released by Polar Lights and AMT – checkout Polar Lights  and AMT for the latest kits for sale.

However there is a form of modelling, that has been around longer than plastic, that is enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment – paper modelling. With the aid of their home computers, some drawing software, a printer and the internet, Star Trek fans have made available an amazing array of scale ships, full sized props and Hako clones.

So what is a Hako Clone anyway?  Originating from Japan, where ‘Hako’ means box, they were popularised by the development work of Masamune Washington, known by his signature line as the “Mad Modeller Masamune”.  A Hako Clone is a small model caricature, typically of a TV or movie character or celebrity, they are easy to design, because they are nearly all based on standard templates, and easy to build with few, if any, awkward curves.  The essence of the ideal behind them is that they are quick, simple and fun – all attributes that make them an ideal introduction to paper modelling for kids. In fact, many paper modellers make them for fun then donate them to children’s hospitals afterwards.

Ron Caudillo is a paper model designer of considerable skill and talent and his scale model of the NCC 1701 on Jon Leslie's LHVCC website is still considered to be one of the best available. He followed this up last year with a scale model of the Enterprise Bridge (also on the LHVCC site) which I suggested might make an excellent play set for kids who make the Star Trek Hako crew. A family man himself, he jumped at the chance!

Ron’s completed model consists of six ‘stations’ that make up the outer ring walls of the bridge plus the command chair and helm & tactical control stations from the centre. As at the release date of December 14th the six wall modules have been completed along with building instructions.  Unfortunately the centre command stations will only be available after Christmas but this is a way of life with Fan Productions where quality means more than deadlines!

To keep you busy until then, I am making available the original Hako crew of the Enterprise!  These guys were created mostly by Butch Price, back in 2004, and range from the classic crew members of Kirk, Spock and McCoy, through to Kor, the Klingon. There’s even a “battle damaged” Red Shirt and a tribble! These are all based on the original template developed by Masamune Washington ... except the Tribble of course!  

On of the beauties of Ron’s design is that each module is in fact a free-standing scenario in it’s own right so that even just one would make a great stand or display for one of your prized Hakos. Another advantage to the modular design is that you can make take one or more of them out and use the bridge as a mini studio to photograph your Hakos for web comics or stop motion

Star Trek fans support the professional production of more Star Trek on screen and as licensed goods. If you think these little
square dudes are cool, checkout the Minimates released by Art Asylum! ...  And if you thought the idea of stop motion filming was only for kids, have a look at what the Dave School has done with MiniMates!

The free downloads linked from here are all fan productions and are not meant to infringe the trademarks and copyrights of Star Trek which lie with CBS / Paramount. No profit can be directly or indirectly made from fan productions and any attempt to sell, rent or otherwise make a profit from any of these projects will be reported to the copyright owners or their licensees for their action.





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